Why Women’s Ministry?

Because it's my heart. Because God designed it. Because it saved me when I was falling and couldn't save myself. I want to invest in something that helps others, something that gives back, something that pleases God. For me, that something is women's ministry. The term "women's ministry" might conjure up images of women sending [...]

The Transparency of True Hospitality

The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson I love this quote so much because when someone comes to your house, it is almost always the culmination of a series of emotional reactions and/or a complexity of events. It's never just "coming to my house." There's always more. When [...]

My Story: Part 2, How a Women’s Ministry Saved Me

Have you read Part I yet? Start there! Ministry was the beginning of the miracle. I volunteered my time, my limited energy and strength, and all my talents to this committee that eventually grew to six women. Every time I thought I was all used up, God somehow replenished me, refilled me, and gave me [...]

My Story: Part 1, How a Women’s Ministry Saved Me

Here it is. My heart. The baring of the nakedness that finally brought me, step by step, to today. This is an accounting of the pain and hardness of a heart scarred by battle wounds, betrayed by friends, seemingly forgotten by God.  Now, on the other side of that valley, this is also why women’s [...]

5 Ways to Make your Women’s Ministry Relevant

How many of our women's ministries in 2019 are still running on principles and procedures from 1989? Are we still throwing out the same tired activities, the same rehearsed devotionals? Are we repeating the same actions every year, but somehow expecting different results? You might be thinking, "But the truth of God's Word never changes." [...]

Planning for Change: 3 Little Actions with Big Results

So, maybe you're thinking, "Our women's ministry isn't so bad. We had 10 people at our last activity and it looks like a good turnout for our shopping trip." Or in a larger church, "Our numbers seem to be growing slightly, though a lot of new moms have had to drop out." Let's take a [...]

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